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Camping Tents

4 season heavy duty waterproof popup storage camping tents 6 person

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Table Sets With Umbrella for Restaurants and Cafes

Why Choose Us

1. Reasonable Price

Reasonable cost control can effectively reduce product prices. From materials to production and to logistics, we have a complete set of cost control procedures that can give customers reasonable prices.

2. Strict Quality Control

We have strict product inspection standards and procedures. From the purchase of materials to the production of bulk goods, we strictly follow the requirements of our customers. We have stationed personnel in factories at most parts of China areas to follow up the production process, as well as communicate and resolve within 24 hours if any problems.

3. Product Development and Design Services

For long-term cooperative customers with a large order quantity, we set up a special design and development department to meet customer needs for new products. At the same time, we will keep new products confidential and will never recommend them to other customers.

4. Why a deposit should be paid

We recommend that our customers pay a deposit before placing an order, because we know that the operation of the factory is not so easy. As a purchaser, some support should be given to the factory, and the factory will also give a certain return, such as production responsibility heart, enthusiasm for production.

We look forward to cooperation